And there’s more out there than just black swans. Here be dragons . . .

If you vote, you just might be a robot. I have the math to prove it.

At the height of its success, there were over 9,000 Blockbusters around the world. Now there is only one.

In 2005, an infectious disease killed thousands all over the world — World of Warcraft, that is. Even though it wasn’t real, the Corrupted Blood Incident has been used a model for real pandemics — including this one.

How long can a Twinkie REALLY last?

And Helped Beat The Nazis.

Because they were slaves.

Experts predicted a computer apocalypse in the year 2000. But nothing happened. Did a multibillion dollar global effort save us or was it all a waste of time and money?

The Waffle House fast food chain is legendary for never closing — even in the worst of weather. But how is it doing up against a pandemic?

Matt J Weber 🦢

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